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Why purchase a cover?

purchase a cover
An often-asked question posed to us is; what are the advantages in the purchase of a cover for cast iron fire pits. The waterproof covers ensure that cast-iron fire pits do not rust, thus ensuring that the durability and longevity of the fire pit when not in use. Bad weather in itself does not affect the cast-iron badly. However should any rainwater begin to pool on the surface then it can lead to rusting. By covering the fire pit , there are no pools of water that develop. Thus rusting does not occur. Moreover, one of the lesser reasons to ensure a fire pit has a suitable cover, is to ensure the inside of the fire pit is not wet or damp. If the inside of the belly is wet or damp it is harder to start a fire. The winter covers help insulate fire pits, preventing frost damage. Frost can lead to severe rusting, especially if it stays on the fire pit for long. The cold doesn’t affect the fire pits as much, so its not as much of a concern. The fire pit is lasts longest when it is kept as dry as possible. These covers have a drawstring, so the covers stay on even if its windy. They are easy to put on and take off. Furthermore, the purchase of a cover for a fire pit can only be advantageous. Especially if you are looking to have a fire pit to use for many years. Finally see the range of covers we offer, to help protect your fire pit.

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